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forum or Q&A script

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by RAF Systems, Jun 6, 2018.

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    I know there are free forum templates that use javascript or similar you just configure them and add to your own site.

    but is there a forum or Q&A web based API / service i can use on mobile.

    It should be one which doesnt need user login... the username should be passed via the url.

    Seems unsafe but users who use this forum would have to sign in to the app anyway so theyve already logged in. The forum will be shown in web browser control in the app screen.

    Then in the app i want a simple forum or Q&A where users can ask questions sub divided into a few different categories.
    RAF Systems, Jun 6, 2018 IP
  2. BeZazz-TheRaj

    BeZazz-TheRaj Peon

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    exactly i cant clearly understand you but
    answer of what i understand

    you can go for any Q&A script or forum no issue in any of them
    in Forum guest can reply too if Admin want (its admin authorization lol)
    in Q&A script guest can't reply if admin don't want

    and if you want to go for too many categories then go for Q&A script its will be friendly to many user
    BeZazz-TheRaj, Jun 7, 2018 IP