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Form calculation before submit

Discussion in 'JavaScript' started by karl_murphy, Jul 16, 2014.

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    I am writing a script that will allow a user to update the details of a recipe. I have got as far as getting all of the ingredients for the recipe and printing them out into editible form fields. I want the user to be abled to amend the "grammes" field and by doing so automatically updating the ounces field, which is disabled. I want this calculation to be done prior to the user submitting the form.

    If a user entered '500' into the grammes field for one of the ingredients the ounces field for this row should automatically change to '20' (500 x 0.04) when the user tabs away from.

    Please see my PHP code below for printing out the ingredients:

    Thanks in advance!

    echo "<table>";

    echo "<tr>";

    echo "<td><input type = 'text' class = 'form-control' id = 'ingredient_name' name = 'ingredient_name' value = '$ingredient_name' ></td>";

    echo "<td><input type = 'text' class = 'form-control' id = 'grammes' name = 'grammes' value = '$grammes' ></td>";

    echo "<td><input type = 'text' class = 'form-control' id = 'ounces' name = 'ounces' disabled ></td>";

    echo "<td><input type = 'text' class = 'form-control' id = 'other_amount' name = 'other_amount' value = '$other_amount' ></td>";

    echo "<td><input type = 'text' class = 'form-control' id = 'other_unit' name = 'other_unit' value = '$other_unit' ></td>";

    echo "</tr>";

    echo "</table>";
    karl_murphy, Jul 16, 2014 IP
  2. greatlogix

    greatlogix Active Member

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    Don't set "ounces" text box disabled. You will not get disabled form field value via form submit. Make it read only. Replace disabled with readonly

    <input type = 'text' class = 'form-control' id = 'grammes' name = 'grammes' value = '$grammes'  onBlur="set_ounces(this.value)">
    function set_ounces(grms){
     document.form_name.ounces.value = 0.04 * parseInt(grms); // form_name: replace it with form name
    Code (markup):
    I have not tested the script but you can get basic idea how to do it
    greatlogix, Jul 17, 2014 IP
  3. deathshadow

    deathshadow Acclaimed Member

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    Mind you -- it's ok to calculate it client side to show it to the user, but you SHOULD NOT EVER trust a javascript calculation as a value in PHP. Sending that value server-side? Don't EVEN TRY. Hell, I wouldn't even make it an INPUT tag! ...well, unless it was made to go bi-directional on the conversion.

    Recalculate it server side so 1) it works when scripting isn't present, 2) people can't bullshit it.

    Remember the unwritten rule of JavaScript -- if you can't make the page function without JavaScript FIRST, you likely have no business adding scripting to it.

    Of course, if every tag inside a parent -- like say... TR -- is getting the same class -- like say... form-control, NONE of them need classes. Might also helped if you stopped using multiple echo to do the job of one, had a complete table structure, etc, etc...

    Though since you're got a while and a fetch, I'm wondering how you'd have it even work since you'd have the same ID more than once on the page. Also since it's a form (I'd assume) multiple elements with the same NAME would also be... problematic.
    deathshadow, Jul 17, 2014 IP