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For Sale: #1 Ranked niche hosting site

Discussion in 'Sites' started by dazzlindonna, Jul 13, 2005.

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    For Sale: #1 Ranked niche hosting site

    URL: www.coldfusion-hosting-plans.com

    Age of site (months): 26
    Avg. monthly revenue: $250

    Revenue details:
    Income from affiliates, google ads and banner ad sold directly to a cf hosting company.
    Average unique visitors per day: 81
    Average unique visitors per month: 2430

    Search Keyphrases (Top 10)
    coldfusion hosting - #1 in both Google and Yahoo for about 2 years; #4 in MSN
    coldfusion hosting plans - #1 in both Google and Yahoo for about 2 years; #1 in MSN

    The site is currently a review/comparison type site that benefits from affiliate programs, adsense, and banner ads. However, if a hosting company that offers ColdFusion hosting were to purchase the site, they could see substantial benefits from having the #1 ranking for the phrase "coldfusion hosting", especially if they don't currently have top 10 rankings now. If you owned the site, you could either transform it into a sister-site for your company or redirect visitors to your existing site. Either way, you benefit from top rankings. If you sell $10/month ColdFusion hosting plans ($120 annual), with a 2% conversion rate from the site, your monthly income would be approximately $6,000. Only ColdFusion hosting companies would benefit the most from owning this site.

    Ebay Item # - 7530333488
    dazzlindonna, Jul 13, 2005 IP
  2. dazzlindonna

    dazzlindonna Peon

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    Site is sold.
    dazzlindonna, Jul 21, 2005 IP