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Discussion in 'Services' started by seovawebservices, Aug 6, 2012.

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    Hello Dp mates,

    I am here to give you my website services. Take a look at below my available services you might like.

    Article To video - Turn your article into a video using human sounding text-to-speech audio.

    Find Expire Domain - I will find expired domain names that are already ranking for keywords in your market that you can snatch up for just the price of a new domain name. On top of that, I can also find expired domain names that are mentioned on live domain name sites that are ranked for your keyword(s) as well.

    Find Keyword Domain - I will find exact match keyword domains in your market It's a well known fact that exact match keyword domains have a very good chance of ranking on page 1 of search engines for their keywords, but prior to this, it was incredibly hard to spot them. I can find exact match domains that could bring hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of monthly searches for their keywords a month.

    Website Creation - I can install your wordpress website after we find a domain.
    Site Analysis - I will analyze your website, market, or keyword(s) to spot potential problems in your SEO strategy as well as find lucrative changes you can make. I will also look at your keywords and make sure that they are good keywords to go for, and we'll provide other suggestions as well.

    Main Keyword - turn one keyword into 100 related keywords that you can check to see how many searches a month they get, which ones might be hidden gems that we recommend you target.

    Keyword Buyer - I will find some keywords related to your niche / market and instantly have it spit out "buyer keywords," or keywords that are more likely to be of people looking to buy such products / services or looking to buy at higher prices instead of freebie seekers.

    And other Keyword analysis you want.!

    Lead Generation

    Macro Leads - I will find sites in your niche / market that rank at the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing that also allow you to leave a post, comment, reply, or recommendation on. This is an incredibly powerful way to instantly gain free exposure, get top rankings in seconds, and get lots of traffic to your sites. I have more lead generation techniques.

    Sounds good? Please send me a PM.

    Thanks for reading!
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