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For Booking sites

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by BookInsta, Oct 24, 2013.

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    I would like to know for Largest Booking sites like booking.com,agoda.com or bookinsta.com,what will be their marketing strategy?i know it would be complex but how what will be the first step towards their websites?Quite thinking still confusing
    BookInsta, Oct 24, 2013 IP
  2. imhawk

    imhawk Active Member

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    Booking platforms are very very hard to implement (and a long journey to travel) to the market, and if you enter the market as a newcomer, there is low probability you will ever make it at all. Because you won't be able to afford sales and marketing team, social media and customer support (this is very important).

    So, let me answer you - your first step should be inspecting the market (your competitors) and try to figure it out why are you different and how can you be better - you do this by communicating with the potential clients and write down what they say and need. Then, you should start developing the platform and maybe get some investments (don't count on it before you get some tractions first). Doing otherwise will make you fail hard.

    Good luck.
    imhawk, Oct 26, 2013 IP
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  3. johan888

    johan888 Greenhorn

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    they simply do media buys... got that? they spend tens of thousands of dollars with media like banners, ppc, ad networks, etc..
    Before that, they ensure they have a very strong and solid offer in the backend that will convert those targeted traffic into buyers..
    that's it
    johan888, Nov 3, 2013 IP
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  4. jrbiz

    jrbiz Illustrious Member

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    If you consider the really big players in this space like orbitz, travelocity, etc., they spend millions of dollars on mass media buys like television, radio and high circulation print in addition to online marketing, of course. They even pay for celebrity endorsements. The lesser known, second tier players that you have iisted above spend much less than the big boys, but even that lesser spend is pretty substantial as I understand it.

    Many years ago, I looked quite seriously at the travel industry. Prior to the Internet, everyone businessperson used a travel agent and they got good commissions. I was looking at investing in a travel agency to become a working partner, when the the first travel sites came out on the Internet and people began predicting the disintermediation of the travel agent and the traveler. I have watched the online travel business from a safe distance ever since and have been amazed at where things have gotten. Now, EVERYBODY, sells plane tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, and more. I mean, not only the travel website, but the airlines, the hotels, the rental car companoies all sell online as well. It's nuts.

    I cannot really conceive of jumping into this industry, with one possible exception: a travel agecy that pulls everything together for a specific type of traveller. Perhaps an agency or website focused on trips to a specific destination or related destinations, or perhaps a website/agency that focuses on travellers with pets.

    To finally get around to answering your question: were I to launch a "theme" travel or booking service as I just suggested, I would be looking to promote the service through groups and associations that serve your target prospect group. E.g., were I offer booking services specialized to serving the needs of senior citizens, I would look to be giving AARP members a special discount. Or, if I was specializing in taking care of the logistics of long road trip vacations for my clients, I would likely try to work out a co-promotion deal with AAA.

    Bottomline: pick a niche and target your marketing efforts on high probability prospects that you can readily identify.
    jrbiz, Nov 3, 2013 IP
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