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Flynax Classifieds

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by jetfire09, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. ineedrealanswers

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    Goodness gracious, finding a good honest professional classifieds software is ROUGH! I have spent the past 2 weeks, 10 hours per day researching trying to find the best classifieds script for my website and its making me wanna pull my hair out. What I have found so far is 90% of the classifieds scripts out there are BS and 90% of the reviews you find online about them are BS! Reviews are either from the people selling the software so they make a bunch of different usernames online pretending to be happy customers and go all over the internet saying its the best or it's their competition making a bunch of usernames pretending to be uphappy customers. Orrrrrrr mostly its these stupid bloggers trying to get their names out there so they google best classifieds and read the first few BS reviews that pop up without doing any real digging. Then they go all over the internet recommending that software just to get their name out there. HAS ANYBODY HERE ON THIS FORUM FOUND A GOOD HONEST PROFESSIONAL CLASSIFIEDS SOFTWARE WITH REAL LIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT ACTUALLY ANSWERS THE PHONES? Im a small business owner and I would never do business like these classifieds software people do business. Its like the wild wild west here online when it comes to finding a good classifieds software. Everybody is just trying to make a quick buck. There has to be a legit software out there somewhere right? Customer support that actually answers their phones and takes pride in building a long term business with a quality software. Does anybody know of such a classifieds software?
    ineedrealanswers, Nov 15, 2016 IP