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Discussion in 'C#' started by alamlinks, Jan 25, 2013.

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    Hello Friends,

    Someone told me that FlexGrid is more beneficial than gridview. Is it really true? If this is true then where can I get it? Please help me
    alamlinks, Jan 25, 2013 IP
  2. akshaykalia

    akshaykalia Member

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    "beneficial" would depend upon what use and how much data you have that you want to show in it.
    FlexGrid/ (Another Jquery plugin that I used is DataTables) are good which all the look and feel but if you have a lot of data, you would need a play around a bit with pagination.
    If you have small amount of data, and do not require pagination, these plugins have nice look and feel. Pretty sorting/filtering options as well.
    But if you have a large amount of data, say more than 200 records and all, first these plugins load all the content on page and then jquery converts the table into paginated table.
    A better approach would be to get small chunks of data and on clicking next/previous button, make AJAX calls and get another desired chunk of data.
    A simple google search would have located this plugin for you :
    Flexigrid : http://flexigrid.info/
    Datatable : http://www.datatables.net/.

    These sites also have an neat tutorial about how to apply these filters. These use static HTML for example purposes. If you have data coming in from DB, I suggest, use a repeater and make HTML with same structure as provided in these examples on these sites.

    Hope it helps :)
    akshaykalia, Feb 21, 2013 IP