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Fiverr + Twitter

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Golden Falcon, Mar 3, 2015.

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    I know lots of gigs on Fiverr is not a good idea, but what if you just did a twitter gig for fiverr. I'm running giveaways on my site and want to spread the word around, and lots of these Fiverr people have access to accounts that have high following.

    Will google rank me down if I'm trying to spread the link? It would act the same as an organic link I think.
    Golden Falcon, Mar 3, 2015 IP
  2. SKULL

    SKULL Prominent Member

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    Most of Fiverr twitter retweets and followers etc are all bots not worth the $5 for them.
    SKULL, Mar 3, 2015 IP
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  3. matt_62

    matt_62 Notable Member

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    +1 what skull said. From experience, I have had sellers tell me its guaranteed human views, and all this nonsense, and in every case, I have fallen for it, sometimes paying more then $5 for it as well, and in each case its been a failure. One could call it a success if it resulted in more page views, real user visitors, but when you end up with no increase in site traffic, you know its a useless service.

    OP. here is something to consider. If a fiverr user has a genuine 10k followers, and sends them a nice link once a week for a product that is related to the audience. If just 1% of the users follow that link, thats 100 clicks. If just 10% of these users follow through for a purchase, thats 10 sales. If the affilaite commission is $5 per sale, thats $50 commission. Ok, even if my numbers are wrong, they can still earn more then $5 from promoting their own affiliate products.

    So why do they offer to spam your links for just $5? Because it will bring in 0 sales, 0 clickthroughs, and is a waste of everyones time.
    matt_62, Mar 3, 2015 IP
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  4. praetserge

    praetserge Notable Member

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    Well said, matt_62.
    I just want to add that the same applies to other social networking gigs and so-called 'real traffic' you buy from fiverr or similar sellers... those services will not bring you any sales.
    The only reason to buy followers and likes is to make your profile look bigger so real people would see you more authoritative but don't expect any sales from those gigs.
    praetserge, Mar 4, 2015 IP