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Selling Fiverr clone | premium domain, custom design, referral feature & more...

Discussion in 'Sites' started by BuxP, Aug 11, 2013.

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    What am I selling?
    Selling a customized fiverr clone website using a licensed fiverrscript script. The site is brand new and has not been published so far. Everything is fully functional.

    What are the features?
    The website has al the features as listed on fiverrscript (click here to see the full list) and works exactly like the originall fiverr.com
    Sellers can offer their services in all sort of categories and buyers can buy sellers services. You will earn commission for each sale. Plain simple but great business model.
    It also has the following customized features:
    • referral feature using point system (users can promote their referral link, get referrals and who earn them points that they can exchange for inhouse features such as featured ad listing, banner space, higher level etc...)
    • Unique customized design
    • Payza payment option (together with paypal)
    • Facebook login feature
    • banner space (people can purchase banner space or you can add your own banner codes)
    How can you earn with this website?
    You will earn commission from sellers selling their services. So basically you will earn money for work done by others. You can also sell banner plans or add your own banner codes. Buyers buying services of sellers pay you via paypal and payza so you are always guaranteed of money regardless the completion of the service.
    Why am I selling?
    The original idea was to launch this website as an extra service to one of our large get paid to networks but mainly due to lack of time and other priority we decided not to launch it and are now selling it.

    What is the price?
    We know we are selling underrated but if we find the right candidate with good plans we are happy to handover the project
    Starting bid $190
    Reserve bid $240

    What will you get?
    Fiverrscript license (lifetime, cost $99)
    The website files (including unique design, cost me $120)
    The domain name (registered at Godaddy)
    Youtube, facebook & twitter account
    30 days installation support
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2013
    BuxP, Aug 11, 2013 IP
  2. JeremyIrvine

    JeremyIrvine Banned

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    I'm very interested in this. Can you post the traffic and revenue proof? Thanks.
    Okay sorry just read that it's brand new.

    Well for a brand new site, isn't that asking price a little too expensive?
    If you can lower down your price, I'm interested.
    JeremyIrvine, Aug 11, 2013 IP
  3. BuxP

    BuxP Notable Member

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    Good question to ask but basically what I am asking is less than what it costs to build such a site. The license (lifetime) for fiverrscript costs $99 and the unique design costed more than $120. Excluding some custom coding work, domain and other features this already reaches the reserve price so I don't think this is a little too expensive imo. (I updated the first post to better reflect this).

    Its not a simple wordpress blog that I'm selling. There has been some investments to make it the way it is now, but of course everyone is free to judge for themselves what they would be willing to pay for this.
    BuxP, Aug 11, 2013 IP