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Fitso.com Appraisal

Discussion in 'Appraisals' started by IceCreamTruck, May 24, 2017.

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    I'm seeking appraisals, please!
    • Fitso.com
    • Registration Date 12/23/1998
    • I want to determine the best reserve and buy now price for the auction.
    • This domain can be used in the Health and Fitness niche.
    1. It is a TDL.
    2. It does have exact searches.
    3. It is short only 5 letters.
    4. It plays on the opposite of "fatso".
    5. It is pronounceable.
    6. It is brandable. I know from research that it used to be the name of a gym and is now the name of a very successful fitness app that was launched out of India.
    7. It is singular.
    8. It is easy to type on the keyboard.
    9. Google results are returning the fitso app, their webpage, facebook and articles about their company. I just read that they just raised another 200k in funding.
    10. There are no live trademarks in the USA. The two that are listed are dead.
    Again, I need help with deciding the best reserve, buy now price and I also would be interested in knowing if this domain is a popular word combination in other countries?
    Thank you for your time and advice! It is much appreciated.
    IceCreamTruck, May 24, 2017 IP
  2. baselinej70

    baselinej70 Active Member

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    (source = Free.stockphoto.com)

    Great brandable domain name! (For all the reasons you've outlined)

    I would use Brandbucket's 5-letter inventory as a guide on retail pricing.

    They seem to be in the 2k to 10k range.

    Good luck!
    baselinej70, Jul 5, 2017 IP