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First 20 to take action right now will get Free Internet Marketing Course

Discussion in 'Design Contests' started by CrankDat, Jan 2, 2012.

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    I know you might be thinking why this guy is going to teach me about internet marketing for free. Any hidden agenda behind my thread and my offer?? Don't worry i don't have any hidden agenda or any fees you need to pay that might rip you off. Let me tell you at the beginning that your investment will be only less than $10 and it will never go more than that...

    Why $10?
    To purchase your domain, to purchase your web hosting and purchase your autoresponder. And i do not want any fees to teach you about internet marketing. It's my passion to teach people and share my knowledge and to see them successful

    Topics that will be covered...

    Will be fully videos and step by step instruction

    How to Find Your Niche and your keywords

    Creating foundation of your website

    How to create your website (Full technical work shown)

    How to get ranked fast in Google

    Ideas for business development

    List building Strategies

    Social Media Marketing Strategies

    this is not about earning money through CPA, adsense or whatever. This is more about getting your site to Google first page for your desired keyword and drive huge amount of high traffic and how to monetize your traffic.

    I will implement list building and i hope you have heard that the "Money is in the list". I am more in teaching you how to build list to have residual income. I will teach you how to create your own products or sell other peoples product as an affiliate effectively.

    Other than that,

    These are the Freebies i'm offering for the first 20 people joining this course

    5 Premium Wordpress theme
    5 High Valued eBooks
    Weekyly strategies ecspecially for you.. No one else will get this strategies and tips.

    Again why am i offering it for FREE??

    Actually i can charge up to $47 for this full beginner course but i have seen so many people struggling to get their
    online business and i want to help them and this is not pre-selling or scams that will promise you to make money within
    a day and so on. These are the realistics methods used by the most successful internet marketers. I want to help you
    live your dream. Everyone wants to earn money online. But how many of them succeeded. I want to teach this to 20
    beginners whom are hardworking and willing to give their full effort to learn everything.

    I am not looking forward to teach people whom are already having a website. I am looking forward for people whom are looking
    to start their online business.

    Interested people please PM me your details and i'm planning to start the course on 6th of January 2012.
    You will receive all my videos to your inbox as a link and you can download them and refer to them anytime you want.

    I will be doing this free session every month because i love to help people. I do not charge any fees for this because
    I earn my money online from other sources. I will send the full outline for this beginner internet maketing course once
    you PM me your details.

    Please send me the following details:-


    And tell me a little about yourself and why you want to learn internet marketing. I'm not going to simply take students for the
    sake of this course. I want dedicated and hardowrking students. I want to help you start your new year a realistic goal
    and aim.

    So don't miss this opportunity and please tell your friends whom are interested as well and there is no barrier of age.

    Thanks and Regards
    CrankDat, Jan 2, 2012 IP
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    can i get from you a help sir
    sana bengannoune, Dec 20, 2016 IP