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FireFox Web Browser FAQ

Discussion in 'Products & Tools' started by T0PS3O, Nov 23, 2004.

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    Mozilla FireFox Web Browser FAQ

    Most of us at least tried the new browser (Mozilla FireFox Download) and I expect the bigger part have actually decided to switch away from poxy old IE.

    We keep seeing little questions popping up about the browser so I thought I'd start a thread which could develop into a FAQ. And if we all ask our questions with on-page SEO in the back of our mind, this page could even rank well (knowing DPs evil Google connections assuring Shawn decent positions).

    So I'm hoping to collect detailed questions here with detailed correct answers.

    My own FireFox related questions:

    1. I have this active desktop page with some forms to send requests to Overture Search Inventory, Streetmap, ParcelForce Tracking etc. In IE this worked fine with a method=post form but since installing FireFox this functionality ceased working. Any ideas?

    2. When posting on this forum, I used to be able to highlight a word, click the link button and it would add those highlighted words in the anchor text input form. Not anymore since installing FireFox. Is there a fix?

    3. I added the print button to my Mozilla FireFox installation. But this pops up the print dialog window where in IE it just printed without confirmation. I want just that again.

    4. FireFox Password Manager doesn't remeber my username/password combo's. Autofills don't always show either and tend to be slow per definition. Is there a place like Bookmark Manager to manage passwords/form autofills?

    5. How do I get rid of the Pre-installed Google search bar in FireFox (I installed the other unofficial Googlebar and don't want two)?
    That's it. I look forward to your questions and answers on these Mozilla (not Motzilla, Mozila, Modzilla, Mozzila, Mozzilla, Monzilla, Mazilla, Moxilla or Mozella; as searched by hundreds according to Overture) FireFox Web Broswer questions.
    T0PS3O, Nov 23, 2004 IP
  2. TwisterMc

    TwisterMc Mac Guru

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    1) Whats and active desktop page?
    2) if you highlight a word and hit the link button it pops down a window and asks for the link you want to add to that highlighted word. What else should it do?
    3) Look for an extension or ask over at the mozilla forums or maybe someone else knows
    4) you can go get the auto fill extension. That may help you out. The password manager works great for me.
    5) Right click on the tool bar to customize it. Then drag the google bar off.

    I'll gladly answer any Firefox questions. I even have a forum thread for them someplace else. However I can't link to it from here. ;)
    TwisterMc, Nov 23, 2004 IP
  3. T0PS3O

    T0PS3O Feel Good PLC

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    1 - Active Desktop is a website you have as your background (instead of a coour ot img).

    2 - It used to copy that highlighted text into the first dialog box (where it asks for the anchor text) and then the next dialog box was the link it should link to. FireFox doesn't copy the highlighted text into the first. IE did.

    3 - Will do.

    4 - Will do.

    5 - Great! That's gone, thank you!
    T0PS3O, Nov 24, 2004 IP
  4. payoutwindow

    payoutwindow Peon

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    2 - For FireFox you need you change your "Edit Options" under the "User CP " to use the "Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing".

    Once you have change to this format ... you will highlight the text and when you click on "Insert Hyperlink" you will only have to type the URL.
    payoutwindow, Nov 24, 2004 IP