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Finlandia Group Points out the Factors Hindering E-commerce Growth in Finland

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by robert.wood016, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Finland seems to be emerging in the world of internet marketing but the process is really slow given a number of factors hindering the expansion. Finlandia Group, a major stock management and analytics company have pointed out the reasons for basic understanding. According to the company, the first drawback lies in the lack of information and skills regarding the internet world. Most of the Finnish small & medium scale enterprises are not familiar about the business possibilities and power of internet. These companies have realized that they have to be present online but have very minimum skills regarding proper online marketing.

    Besides, these Finnish enterprises are actually ignorant about the internet marketing expenses and consider the online medium to be too expensive. Not only that the Finnish folks are fearful about the virtual scenario given the many technological strategies used by the medium. In addition there is the issue of mis-communication with IT consultants. According to the expert officials from Finlandia Group, the SEO agencies here have the problem of not getting the business from the customer perspective that renders ineffective results online. Lastly, the very negative attitude of the Finns towards ongoing changes around seems to another prime factor here hindering the advancement of Finnish e-commerce.
    robert.wood016, Feb 22, 2012 IP