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Filtering Videos

Discussion in 'PHP' started by ViralVideoMarket, Apr 24, 2008.

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    I have a PHP Script that pulls Youtube Vids targetted to keywords
    input but what I need now, after several requests from customers,
    is to be able to filter out individual videos by Author name, more
    filtering options would be considered if suggested.

    So can anyone help out with this? I`m willing to pay but what I hope
    is to find someone able to come up with something very quick, very
    lite on the coding and "dummy proof" for potential customers, impress
    me enough and there is more development work available to the right
    person ... not as a J.O.B. but as part of my Team. (no wage, we split
    If anyone thinks they can handle this easily, or can tell me more about
    how filtering can be implemented easily with code already "out there" ...
    please reply to the thread or PM me with details thanks.

    Christopher J.
    P.S. As the script is created with Software, the code will need to be
    included with the Software sale as either a snippet of code or a PHP file to
    upload with the rest of the pages which the customer will put in themselves
    with each site created ... :)
    ViralVideoMarket, Apr 24, 2008 IP