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Filtering Out Branches

Discussion in 'Google Analytics' started by tapupartforpres, Mar 6, 2018.

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    Hey All,

    Question we have 100 branches we want filtered out on a corporate website. I cannot create a regex string because they are all different from all areas of the USA. SO, I know you can only have 255 characters in each filter. So I created 5-6 filters with along strings like in a separate filer, like: 100\.0\.11\.42|102\.0\.182\.44|104\.231\.124\.134 (250 characters long for example.

    I didn't have a pipe at the end of these separate filters, I just added that. I am also blocking a few countries and a few one off IP addresses that are just one IP per filter (ie. main office)

    With all of these filters there is no traffic at all. I KNOW that there is a ton of traffic from other sources other than our branches.


    tapupartforpres, Mar 6, 2018 IP