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Filtered Report?

Discussion in 'Databases' started by NewfieSarah, Jan 25, 2006.

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    Hey all, I have been trying to filter my report However It doesnt seem to be working the way I would like it to. I have the ability to filter on my form, so I can search Wood* and then there will be 27 records displayed so I can view each one speratly. however now I would like to have it on a report. I would like to then click the report button, and view those 27 records on my report as the layout that I have provied I can see multiple on a sheet. Any ideas?
    NewfieSarah, Jan 25, 2006 IP
  2. jaymcc

    jaymcc Peon

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    Can you provide some details, i might be able to help you out:
    - Scripting language
    - Database platform
    - Reporting output


    jaymcc, Jan 28, 2006 IP