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"Files" tab not showing on Pc but does on iphone

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by TyrrellF1, Jan 14, 2022.

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    Hi, I'm new here, I've searched but I didn't find this, so I really hope I'm not asking the same Question again, apologies if I am.
    Re; The "Files" tab on the menu, near About, Discussion etc. on my Group page.

    I've tried for 3 days now, clearing my computer cache, re-starting, and adding the Files tab, but whatever I do, it does not show on my Computer.
    and deleting it a few times, getting a friend to do the same thing, and he sees the same problem. Like I say it shows on my iphone, But not a PC, (Windows 11, using Edge and Firefox). I found another group on facebook, where I can see their Files folder, which makes it even more strange
    Any ideas, help will be most grateful. Thanks
    TyrrellF1, Jan 14, 2022 IP