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Fibre to Copper Cable Broadband

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by Nowler, Oct 2, 2017.

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    How is it that in Ireland, internet providers can claim to be providing fibre broadband even though the fibre line stops before the house premises?

    From the cabinet to the house is a copper wire...which negates the claim to be providing fibre to the home...

    The house CAN receive around 36mbps download but our line constantly has "faults", as described by their tech.
    I was however talking to a tech from another company and they said they use the lines that my current provider uses (current provider owns the lines) but that they would not be able to offer me fibre, because I do not have the infrastructure for it. He said that the faults I keep having on the line are probably due to my current provider running more through the lines than they are designed to handle??
    So in sum,
    My current internet provider owns the lines and is claiming to be giving us fibre broadband even though the wire from the house to the exchange is copper, not fibre optic.
    A company that rents the line from my current provider says they cannot give me fibre because I dont have the infrastructure and the reason for the "faults" is due to my current provider putting more through the copper wire than it was designed for.

    Can someone please explain the legality of this situation because we are being held hostage to our contract with them. I refuse to pay a cancellation fee when they are failing to hold up their end of the bargain. The keep telling us we do not fit the criteria of them to let us out of the contract, even though I have to ring them multiple times per week because out internet is performing below par (tv freezes, technical charting system on computer runs slower, connection signal lowers at other end of a standard housing estate council house) I cannot even use the internet out in my council estate garden (tiny).

    Thanks in advance
    Nowler, Oct 2, 2017 IP
  2. jrbiz

    jrbiz Illustrious Member

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    Just saw this post. I sell copper and fiber cabling through one of my websites and I know a little bit about it. You are mostly correct in your opinion that you are not really getting fiber cable speeds to your house, but it is a bit more nuanced than that. Here are some points to consider:

    1. Does your current ISP indicate what "fiber broadband" means in terms of speed? Some fiber only handles 1Gb speeds and it turns out that a Cat 6 copper cable can handle 1Gb speeds for short distances (150 feet or so) so it is at least theoretically possible that you could be getting "slow" fiber speeds. Of course, some fiber cabling can handle 10Gb or more bandwidth and your copper cables could not handle that throughput. But it really depends how the provider defined it (if they did at all, of course) for you to really have any recourse to invaildate your contract. And, rest assured, they had a team of attorneys write that contract so that they would not called on this claim.

    2. One serious problem with trying to get fiber right into your house and connected to your router and devices is that most routers and just about all PC's have no way to connect with a fiber cable. Fiber cables have specialized connectors that are nothing like an Ethernet jack and those specialized fiber connectors (e.g., LC, SC, FC, MTRJ, etc.) only work in commercial switches, routers, etc. Even then, the cabling going to the desktops, laptops, etc., will be copper because the RJ45 plugs on copper Ethernet cables are the only type that the end user devices can accept. If you are thinking that wifi is the way around this issue, think again. Wifi is almost always slower than copper cables.

    Hope that this helps. Feel free to reply with more questions.
    jrbiz, Oct 17, 2017 IP