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Few people from Hyderabad(india) doing fraud in DP and other marketplaces

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by prdomains, Jan 11, 2009.

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    Hi DP members and Moderators,

    I am not sure if this is the right category to inform about some people who are doing internet fraud on DP and other marketplaces.

    Let me share you one of my experience with a person who says that his name is Chaitanya ( not sure what is his actual name ) from Hyderabad, India and he says that he will list the website into dmoz because he is an editor on dmoz and other members from dmoz are with him to get listed the sites on dmoz. I gave him one website for dmoz listing but he never responded by emails or chat IDs. Although the money was not so big but it matters if such persons do fraud with several people. He says that they are dealing in several other seo related services.
    I did some research on internet to know more about these people. Here is more information:

    Email addresses:

    ( id listed at website: badmembers.com/viewpaypal.php )

    Digitalpoint user IDs: - These IDs are already banned on DP - Thanks to moderators for saving DP members from them.
    nizbseo ( profile: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/member.php?u=147270 and Join Date: Mar 5th 2008 )
    rakesh.bubuk@gmail.com ( profile: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/member.php?u=216080 and Join Date: Oct 11th 2008 )
    arunkumarvjst ( profile at http://forums.digitalpoint.com/member.php?u=168794 and Join Date: May 16th 2008 )
    chaitanyatvk ( profile at http://forums.digitalpoint.com/member.php?u=106594 and Join Date: Oct 12th 2007 )

    Here is the blog where they have listed their email ids:
    imageseo.blogspot.com ( you can compare with the above user IDs ).

    I am sure that these people might be still active using other IDs so please take care all DP members and moderators.

    If you have received any similar experiences then please share ( if its right place for me to discuss that - Please excuse me moderators, if i am wrong then advice me accordingly ).

    prdomains, Jan 11, 2009 IP
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  2. sawz

    sawz Prominent Member

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    nice bit of investigative work there. next time just send your findings to a moderator. theres no need to post this in the forum.
    sawz, Jan 11, 2009 IP
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  3. wisdomtool

    wisdomtool Moderator Staff

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    One thing to clarify, you are bribing a DMOZ editor, the ones bribing are as guilty as the ones taking the bribes. Two wrongs does not make a right. I hope you will learn from this lesson and go through the proper paths the next time. Tough and long wait but that's the only way for DMOZ.
    wisdomtool, Jan 11, 2009 IP
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