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Fetch As Google keeps defaulting to "Desktop" :(

Discussion in 'Google' started by Jim4767, Sep 15, 2018.

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    I use Fetch As Google almost daily. It's driving me crazy. Google has prioritized the Mobile Index as its primary indexing function. And they've put a dropdown menu on their Fetch tool, offering you a Fetch for either the Desktop or the Mobile:Smartphone options.
    Since Google is now prioritizing the Mobile index, when I use their Fetch, I always set the dropdown to "Mobile-Smartphone." But with each Fetch, Google keeps defaulting the dropdown back to Desktop. Grr! Am I missing something? (1) They say they are prioritizing the Mobile index, but then (2) they keep defaulting the dropdown setting of their own Fetch tool back to Desktop!

    Has anyone discovered a workaround for this, to keep the Fetch dropdown permanently on "Mobile:Smartphone"?
    Jim4767, Sep 15, 2018 IP