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Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ErrorException' with message 'ini_set() has been disabled for secur

Discussion in 'XenForo' started by WebDev Solutions, Jan 18, 2015.

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    I have just transferred my forum to a new domain and hosting, when I attempted to load the website it loaded fine 2 or 3 times but now I am greeted with the following;

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ErrorException' with message 'ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons' in /home/onefootb/public_html/library/XenForo/Error.php:116 Stack trace: #0 [internal function]: XenForo_Application::handlePhpError(2, 'ini_set() has b...', '/home/onefootb/...', 116, Array) #1 /home/onefootb/public_html/library/XenForo/Error.php(116): ini_set('display_errors', true) #2 /home/onefootb/public_html/library/XenForo/Error.php(100): XenForo_Error::_getPhrasedTextIfPossible('An unexpected d...', 'unexpected_data...') #3 /home/onefootb/public_html/library/XenForo/Application.php(370): XenForo_Error::unexpectedException(Object(Zend_Db_Adapter_Mysqli_Exception)) #4 [internal function]: XenForo_Application::handleException(Object(Zend_Db_Adapter_Mysqli_Exception)) #5 {main} thrown in /home/onefootb/public_html/library/XenForo/Error.php on line 116

    Can anybody please shed some light on this?

    WebDev Solutions, Jan 18, 2015 IP
  2. billzo

    billzo Well-Known Member

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    Your host has disabled the ini_set function. You will have to ask your host to enable it or possibly look for another host.
    billzo, Jan 19, 2015 IP
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