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Selling Fast/Professional Native English Writer - AFFORDABLE

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by coreygeer, Jun 4, 2013.



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    Since the 2 week hiccup, a lot of threads/information was lost, so I have to re-make this one.

    If this thread is too long for you, I'll sum all of the thread up here:
    Rate: $1.50 Per 100 Words (LIMITED TIME ONLY)
    Payment: 100% Upfront (NOT NEGOTIABLE/NEITHER IS THE RATE)
    Work I Can Handle: As much as you can give me. I write fast and I write for myself, I'm not an agency or a firm.
    Contact: Coreygeer319 (Skype)
    (Personal e-mail and PayPal)
    Samples?: I do paid samples and I also have a portfolio.

    Who Are You?
    I'm a Native English writer and I've been writing since 2006. I'm from a small town in Ohio that you've more than likely never heard of. I'm a passionate writer and gamer in my off time.

    What's Your Rate?
    My rate is an affordable and incredibly low $1.50 per 100 words (FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY). This price is NOT NEGOTIABLE, because it's low enough as is.

    What About Bulk Work?
    As I said, a $1.50 per 100 word rate is already incredibly low and this price isn't negotiable. If you're looking for slave drivers who will work for $1.00 or less, I'm sure there are plenty of people on here willing to do so, however I can't promise they'll maintain the same quality of work I can give you.

    I'm going to put this out there now, any orders that have a set amount of words have 100% Payment UP FRONT!

    "I can't do that because... *insert reason here*"

    I'm sorry, then we can't work together. As I said, I'm sure there are other writers who may try to accommodate your needs and standards for quality, but I am not chasing clients down after their work is complete to get paid, especially at that price.
    As I mentioned, this is going to be for a very limited time only because soon, I will be launching my own website to provide my services and the rates will start out at $20 per article.

    I know that seems like a high number to a lot of people who browse internet marketing forums but it's honestly not that high for a Native English writer and I'd honestly like to avoid the people who think that rate is way too high in the first place. I'd rather they continue to hire the cheap content writers and coming back to complain that the quality wasn't up to par with their expectations.
    coreygeer, Jun 4, 2013 IP
  2. ndy

    ndy Active Member

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    Coreys work is great if you are looking for quality articles... If you are looking for reliability and your money being safe, then you need someone else.

    I paid Corey as agreed up front for some articles over the weekend... 30 of them were delivered and 9 more were ordered on Sunday. I stressed to Corey that these were needed by Monday morning and that if he could not do them it would not be a problem... He assured me I would have them 'way' before Monday morning.

    It is now Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and I have no articles, no contact from Corey since Sunday and no reply to my many emails and messages.

    It is such a shame that someone who insists on upfront payment would do something like this, as it makes it much harder for myself to offer work to other people.

    Since Monday I have tried to contact Corey on Skype (I am now blocked), Facebook (I am now blocked), via a Paypal dispute (resolution closed), via email (unanswered) and via a PM on this website (unanswered).

    I am posting in this thread in the hope of getting some reply from him as to what has happened.

    Corey... I paid you on Sunday just under $50.00 for 9 short articles. You have not delivered and all I would like now is my money to be refunded.

    It is such a shame because your work was good & I would have continued to use you for many batches of articles each week. Please contact me so that I can resolve this as soon as possible.

    Thank you!
    ndy, Jun 4, 2013 IP
  3. cyril

    cyril Greenhorn

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    I am the second one here dude.

    I would have paid me almost a week ago ($60) and now he is completely disappeared.

    His last thread has been deleted due to making a same thread twice, so DP mod would have deleted his thread. On that thread, I posted a transaction id of payment made and few other posts related to progress report.

    This was the last conversion we have made on skype by today. (The person blocked me even now on skype)


    I want to see this person ban (Have so many proofs to judge him as BIG SCAMMER)
    cyril, Oct 30, 2013 IP
  4. Li dan huang

    Li dan huang Member

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    coreygeer is a scammer dont use him i've reported to site admin.
    Li dan huang, May 27, 2014 IP