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Selling Farmdating.com.au Popular Dating Website based on TV Show

Discussion in 'Sites' started by wozzaofrare, Aug 24, 2009.

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    There is a popular TV show in Australia called A Farmer Wants a Wife

    Farmdating.com.au is the most popular dedicated Farmer dating website in Australia

    Ranking #1 on Google for Farm Dating (obviously because of the great domain)

    check out the site, lots of traffic, lots of members
    people can buy three different "stamp" packages

    $5 for one stamp

    a $15 stamp package and a popular $39.95 stamp package

    owner gets the lot plus training etc

    Bids in the X,XXX range please

    Site is two years old, TV series is currently on Australian TV right now

    Traffic levels can be seen by simply visiting the website and scrolling the database of members

    If you look at the site and look at the search engine rankings I'm sure that will answer any other questions :)
    wozzaofrare, Aug 24, 2009 IP
  2. wozzaofrare

    wozzaofrare Active Member

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    no one interested??

    I haven't disclosed how much money the site is making from stamp sales but if you are interested please PM me. To give you an idea its in the low XX,XXX range per year.

    There are plenty of new features that could bring in more as well which the community is asking for (a chat room, more interactive features, status updates, special packages etc) but there's no more time on my end to develop the site further so its just sitting there.
    wozzaofrare, Aug 27, 2009 IP