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Fantasy football league hosting

Discussion in 'Programming' started by rwhetsto, May 11, 2004.

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    I am thinking about starting a new project to allow my fantasy football site to house leagues. What programming language do you think I should use? I am familiar with PHP, but I am willing to learn a new one if I need to. The following features are neccessary for an ff league:
    Ability to login,
    ability to connect players to a particular team through a draft,
    ability to change a starting lineup,
    ability to track statistics based on which players you have,
    ability to have a chat room with the other members of the league,
    ability to have live scoring of games,
    etc., etc., etc...

    What do you guys think I should use for this?
    rwhetsto, May 11, 2004 IP
  2. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Overlord of no one Staff

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    If PHP is already your best language, that's what I would use...

    - Shawn
    digitalpoint, May 11, 2004 IP