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Fake third parties

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by Boeing747, Sep 15, 2018.

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    I want to share my experience with one of those AdSense fake partners. I believe sharing the name of these fake companies would help other publishers don't caught in their trap.

    There is fake company that name is Eboundservices, they introduce themselves as an official partner but whole of the story is a huge lie.

    they are sowing google ads advertisements, but It seems they are just a simple publisher that share google ads through lots of publishers which they have caught in their trap.

    They send tons of emails for persuading publishers to show their ads, but there is no payment.
    they are using different methods for ditching publishers like:
    google banned your account.
    google has problem with you and they wont release the money
    and lots of scenarios like these. when you ask evidence or email from google which shows these claims they wont answer and they will disappear from the earth.

    I know it was my fault that I didn't check their reputation and other factors.

    If you have same experiences, please share it with others.
    Boeing747, Sep 15, 2018 IP
  2. Boeing747

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    finally I got my money from this company.
    Boeing747, Oct 10, 2018 IP