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Facebookads API : Check the job status and get the result later in python

Discussion in 'Facebook API' started by rajkoti, Jun 14, 2017.

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    submitted the job to in async mode to pull the ad insights data from facebook by using facebookads api.

    r = ad_account.get_insights(params=params, async=True)

    Stored the report_run_id

    I want to check the status of this job in different python code and pull the result in that script instead of same script.

    If it is in the same job, I know how to check the status and get the result.

    while r[AdReportRun.Field.async_percent_completion] < 100:
    result = r.get_result()

    in other words, If I have data (it has report_run_id column). How to check the job status and get the result.
    Planning to move this script to google appengine, google appengine has 60sec time out window. So I need to check the job status later point of time and if the job is success pull the data and load into BigQuery.
    rajkoti, Jun 14, 2017 IP