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Facebook use mobile app to scrap pages?

Discussion in 'Traffic Analysis' started by costy81gl, Feb 23, 2016.

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    I have 2 sites promoted with Facebook posts.

    Today I have noticed that my traffic exploded but only in apache logs.
    First site had today 30,000 distinct ips with referer='m.facebook.com', in apache logs and my own php stats, but only 15.000 total users on analytics and other external trafic counter.

    I have searched the apache logs and found lots of IP's that access only the html pages, but not loading the css, pictures and scripts.
    I have opened my mobile, entered Facebook and typed my site profile. I have scrolled down 4 posts without clicking any of them, and I have watched the apache logs again. I have found 4 records from my ip, as if I accessed 4 pages from my site.

    I don't know why Facebook did this, but it's a very heavy load for my server.
    This can be used to flood sites and bring down servers with simple Facebook posts (even if nobody click them).
    costy81gl, Feb 23, 2016 IP
  2. JudySlean

    JudySlean Greenhorn

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    Hmm, it is very strange! Why they do it!! (Try to edit your profile! Also, it can be that your IP address the same, and that is why you have such problems! If you need to get a good traffic, you can use Tumbler!
    JudySlean, Mar 25, 2016 IP