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Facebook statuses that annoy you

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Love*, Oct 26, 2009.

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    I have this offline friend on facebook (not close or anything), knew her from school - she's older though, & ALL of her facebook statuses ANNOY the heck out of me. -_-

    First off, everyone knew her as a cleptomaniac back in school. Really, everyone. She's gotten in trouble sooo many times, so it's safe to assume that she's lived a fairly embarrassing social life (from my point-of-view at least).

    Now.. I get that we're now "all grown up", but jeez, this girl.. Her statuses are so cheesy, when you know for a FACT that she's nothing like that in real life.. :rolleyes:

    1. Her mom doesn't use Facebook

    2. Neither does her 2-year-old

    3. & I doubt God does either.

    Why the eff does she "talk" to them on Facebook when she knows that it's not them reading it, but everyone else?

    It's annoying when people do that, coz to me is feels so unnatural and disingenuous (< WOAH, big word right there :p), displaying them like that all the while knowing the people you meant those for won't actually be able to read it.
    It's like, so fake. Who exactly does she want to read those? Her mom, daughter, & God, or all of her facebook friends?

    & She tags me in notes she makes / photos she uploads. Even a picture of her mom, like hello? I have nothing to say about your freaking mom? (Ok, her mom was my teacher, & yes she's a good person but I don't have anything to say about her)
    Besides, if she loved her mother that much, she should've thought about all that before stealing stuff which her mother had to pay for in order to save face (happened all the time).

    Love*, Oct 26, 2009 IP