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Facebook SDK Setup and App Installation Tracking

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by anna30, Nov 30, 2018.

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    I have setup SDK for Android and iOS. Now, i want to track App installation and App Uninstall that happened through Facebook App install campaign.

    how and where can i track it?

    See the screenshot that is showing after setting up SDK.

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    anna30, Nov 30, 2018 IP
  2. MilesWeb

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    You can track the app installation through a table view. Go to Ads Manager and select List Settings. Then include the post-install results as part of your campaign columns. These insights can be found in the main table view across install cohort dates based on the date range chosen.
    Click on the graph icon on your side panel after you choose an ad campaig, to chart these metrics. With this view you are able to chart revenue, yield, and ARPU. Additionally, you can also compare it to your average performance across each metric. The x-axis is the time window and the y-axis is the the metric you selected to chart.
    MilesWeb, Dec 8, 2018 IP