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Facebook - Doomsday Scenario

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by Kurre, Jun 29, 2019.

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    Facebook is a great platform for communication.

    But it has two fundamental drawbacks:
    1. It is run by an arrogant and inefficient company
    2. It is used by many evil people to do evil things.
    I speak from personal experience.
    In order to detect evil people and their robots Facebook themselves employs "intelligent" robotic computers. These mistake perfectly normal and good people for robots and evil people. Therefore Facebook punishes these good people for Facebook's own mistake. Worse they do not allow to appeal, never answer a complaint nor ever correct their mistakes.
    So I looked in the internet for advice. The most common advice is:
    Because Facebook mistakes humans for robots the best way is to employ an intelligent computer robot yourselves which simulates humans so effectively that even Facebook will mistake it for a human.
    Got it?
    Facebook has dumb computers which mistake humans for robots. Users will have intelligent computer which looks like humans.
    I already see the DOOMSDAY SCENARIO: Computers fighting with computers, no humans required any more.
    One more observation about Facebook:
    I am getting sponsored posts from Facebook which tell about an interview with Roger Federer who claims to have found a foolproof method how to get rich without risk and effort. As shown by many comments this is obviously fake news and a scam. I and many others have reported these posts to Facebook who give the automated answer "Thank you for reporting. We will review this". Nevertheless these fake news posts keep appearing.
    It seems that Facebook is not very good at removing scams when they are paid a lot of money for it.
    So much about morals !!
    Kurre, Jun 29, 2019 IP