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Facebook Business Account Suspended Final decision

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by knctrnl, Nov 11, 2023.

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    I started a business page for my nonprofit a couple of months ago and didn't do anything with it at first. Once I went to try to get everything working I noticed the business account was suspended and said I had violated some policy. I have gone around with Facebook support several times and they said there is nothing they can do that I already went through the appeal process. I do believe i inadvertently kicked off an appeal but had not idea what I was doing.
    So currently I have this page that cannot be deleted and I cannot advertise on it nor connect Instagram to it. So I figured I would create a new page and rename this page to something obscure.
    Does anyone have any Ideas on the best way to get followers over to new page? I figure i would send a post with the link. Does anyone know of a workaround or escalation for support to look at it by a human and not just an automated decision. If not what is the best way to word a post containing the link to join the new page that does not look shady. This process is very flawed and could really damage a brands reputation. I still don't have a clue what happened as they will provide no details.
    knctrnl, Nov 11, 2023 IP