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Buying Facebook Apps For Sale - Mercenary RPG (Mafia Wars/Mob Wars Clone)

Discussion in 'Sites' started by blackjack, Oct 21, 2009.

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    Hello Friends,

    I am selling another nice Facebook RPG Game. This facebook app is a mob wars/mafia wars clone where players can buy weapons, vehicles, complete jobs and fight with other players. I hope you guys already know about the famous Mafia app or similar apps and their success story.

    App Title: Mercenary
    Check at: http://apps.facebook.com/mercenarygame/

    NOTE: You must be logged into Facebook to access the game...


    As I have already mentioned, this is a clone of famous mafia wars/mob wars type rpg game where users can buy weapons, armors, vehicles etc. Players can complete jobs and fight with other players to earn money. Players will receive special drop items after completing jobs and they can send gifts to their friends. Players can recruit their friends in their team to make powerful team which increases the players of the app and its a great viral effect.



    Mob wars/Mafia wars type gameplay
    Buy/Sale Weapons and Vehicles etc. (~40 items + vehicles)
    Buy/Sale Lands/Assets (~around 10 Assets)
    Complete Missions (~5 mission on each area - total 5 areas)
    Fight with other players
    Special drop items after completing jobs
    Vault for keeping money safe
    Recruit friends to make strong team
    Players can send gift to their friends
    Players can increase their skills such as attack, defense etc. at level update

    Admin Panel

    This script features a complete admin panel for managing all in-game content such as adding/managing weapons, vehicles, assets, missions etc. You can easily add new missions/jobs or items in the game or manage anything you need to from the admin panel with a few clicks.


    This is a complete new application and ready to go. I haven't make any promotion for the app and just some of my friends are playing the game. Right now I am using Rockyouads.com CPC/CPM ads and Super Rewards offers. You can easily use any type of ads from social ads companies such as RockYouAds.com, Cubic.com, Socialads etc. Ads can be modified or added very easily. I recommended Rockyouads.com because of its very high payouts per click.

    This script script already has Super Rewards/ OfferPal Media integrated in it. You can use either of these services and as you may already know they generate good amount of revenue. These offers systems pay somewhere between $.50 and $10+ for completing each offer. Super Rewards also allows users to make direct payments via services like Paypal or their mobile phone. Most of the free offers, like simple surveys will payout $1-$2 for you, and will only take users a minute or so to complete. So even if you have only 100 or so users doing offers each day, it will bring you good amount of revenue from this single app.

    Viral Features

    This app already has all viral channels in Facebook including friend invitation system, notifications, publish user action and short feed story.

    This is a completely running app and was launched a few weeks back. It already has 20-30 users and growing everyday. You can buy the app and start promoting it and the total revenue will go into your pocket.

    The buyer will receive

    1. Mercenary Application
    2. App source code (PHP files and MYSQL database) and graphics PSDs
    3. FREE installation on your server (PHP 5+ and MYSQL 5+ required)
    5. Bonus materials to help you with promotion

    Auction Details

    This is a Quick Sale and I am keeping the BIN very low.

    Starting BID: $50

    Buy It Now (BIN): $600
    Payment By: Verified Paypal

    Feel free to PM or post here any questions you have. Good luck with your bids.

    blackjack, Oct 21, 2009 IP
  2. mfawn

    mfawn Active Member

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    I will start at $50 for the bid. When does it close?
    mfawn, Nov 3, 2009 IP
  3. jonathan1987

    jonathan1987 Peon

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    Hi, do you still have a copy of this source code?

    email me at
    jonathan1987, May 1, 2015 IP