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Facebook API Platform Policies

Discussion in 'Facebook API' started by mzda, Dec 9, 2012.

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    Hi Guys,
    Im planing to make an application, which need to access some date from a facebook page.
    This application is not in the facebook. So it is an EXE Application, which runs on the client PC.
    The application will access the facebook data via an Facebook Application Access Token.

    My questions are:
    1. Is it allowed to request data from a facebook page, such as comments, posts, and the persons who post it ? (All data are public accessible) And save it in my own database for internal use and not be used to contact those persons regarding any marketing activities, but only to make some analysis ?
    2. If I use a user acces token to get the data, and the user is the administrator of a page. Is it allowed to do the same things I asked in the question 1 ? And is it allowed to post a message to that page with this EXE Application ?

    Thank you very much for your supports and helps.

    BTW, I have read the http://developers.facebook.com/policy/ but I just want to make sure, that I correctly understand the regulations.

    mzda, Dec 9, 2012 IP
  2. sameerbhide

    sameerbhide Greenhorn

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    Nice information about the Facebook API Policies and i would like to say some thing same that is The Facebook API may be a platform for building applications that square measure out there to the members of the social network of Facebook. The API permits applications to use the social connections and profile info to create applications a lot of involving, and to publish activities to the news feed and profile pages of Facebook, subject to individual users privacy settings. With the API, users will add social context to their applications by utilizing profile, friend, Page, group, photo, and event information. The API uses quiet protocol and responses square measure localized and in XML format.
    sameerbhide, Dec 18, 2012 IP