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Facebook ad refund question

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by djdomi2, Aug 3, 2017.

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    Hi, i have a question regarding refunds.
    My ad account got hacked and an ad was made that spent about $75. I removed my card from payment methods and it charged me that amount that was spent. I used a charge card so the amount that was spent is not yet charged (it will be charged on 15. august). On my ad profile it says that $75 that were spent on the ad are refunded but I do not see the transaction on my bank account. How will it be paid to me?
    p.s sorry for my bad english, not my first language
    djdomi2, Aug 3, 2017 IP
  2. thebrandman

    thebrandman Member

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    You will mostly likely have to contact Facebook's ad support for help. This is a matter between you and Facebook. We aren't Facebook support.
    thebrandman, Aug 3, 2017 IP
  3. MrKing01

    MrKing01 Active Member

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    It's very difficult to tell you because we are not working at Facebook, which @thebrandman already has stated. It seems that you got a lucky ending after all, where the spent money will be refunded to you. Generally speaking when it comes to business, it could sometimes take a few days until everything is processed and that's why you might not see the transaction details. However you can get the best answer from Facebook, so you should contact their support team.
    MrKing01, Aug 4, 2017 IP