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FaceBeast.COM! A Monster Has Arrived On The Scene! Biz Opp Affiliates CHECK THIS OUT<<<<

Discussion in 'ClickBank' started by Super_Vendor, Mar 21, 2015.

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    Hey everybody!

    We have finally went live with our newest product, FaceBeast. FaceBeast is a very high quality, cutting edge, modern Biz Opp product. With FaceBeast, it's members are taught how to make money online using Facebook.

    The sales pitch is a general Biz Opp/ Make Money Online theme, rather than a specific 'traffic generation' or 'internet marketing' theme and it converts like crazy!

    This converts with biz opp/make money traffic AND with cold traffic, because EVERYBODY uses Facebook and most everybody likes money.

    We have a history of creating products that convert well and last a long time. Also we are very known for having extremely low refunds rates with our products. For instance, our most recent product before FaceBeast currently (at the time of typing this) has a gravity of 267 which is the 6th highest gravity in the ENTIRE CB marketplace.

    We offer bonuses for new affiliates, and we also offer commission increases for high performing affiliates. With our other products we regularly recruit affiliates that earn hundreds if not thousands of sales per month, and we reward them for doing so.

    If you are looking for a website to promote that converts very well with extremely low refunds, then you've got to check out FaceBeast!


    Affiliate Program Specs:

    Salespage URL:

    Product Name:
    FaceBeast - Earn Cash Just By Using Facebook!

    Product Price:
    Front End: $97, downsell to $34, down to $19

    $197, downsell to $67, down to $37

    >>> Up to $204 commissions per sale!

    Affiliate Earnings:
    70% Commission

    Hoplink URL:
    xxxxx . fbstampede.hop.clickbank.net/
    Affiliate Tools URL:

    Thanks everybody. Please leave comments/questions. Talk to you soon.

    To Your Success,
    Rick Thomas
    Super_Vendor, Mar 21, 2015 IP
  2. superflash

    superflash Member

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    Ya, Another great off Rick!! My leads love your offers!

    superflash, Mar 25, 2015 IP
  3. Jonathan Cutler

    Jonathan Cutler Peon

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    Nice offer Rick... Amazing conversions... Sending a lot more love traffic!
    Jonathan Cutler, Mar 26, 2015 IP
  4. johnhappy

    johnhappy Peon

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    hi there

    is there a chances we can cooperate?

    say cross sell together in each other website?


    Judy Diet
    upfront USD6.99 - Affiliate takes 75%
    then forever USD38 every month - Affiliate takes 75%
    johnhappy, Feb 14, 2016 IP