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EZ Form Calculator Plugin for Wordpress Site

Discussion in 'Programming' started by gdon17, May 31, 2017.

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    Hey all,

    I'm currently working on a wordpress site for crystalclearservicesnj.com. The client for the site wants to feature a price calculator that operates in the same fashion as the one on brilliantmaids.com (please check how there price calculator is done before replying to this thread). I dowloaded a price calculator plugin called EZ Form Calculator.
    I have tried multiple different sources (youtube, plugin support which took 2 weeks just to get 1 response which didn't even answer my question, randomly trying numbers) to figure out how to enter the mathematical formula so the plugin calculates the numbers just like the calculator on brilliantmaids.com, and all I really need is how and where to enter the mathematical formula to operate it correctly.

    I have attached screenshots of what the plugin looks like for each of my forms and a screenshot of what brilliantmaids.com price calculator looks like. All responses especially quick ones are well appreciated. Thank you!!!

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    gdon17, May 31, 2017 IP