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Ext.Guru is happy to welcome all visitors of the forum!

Discussion in 'General Business' started by EXTGURU, Sep 26, 2017.

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    Friends, we are happy to welcome all visitors of the forum!

    We would like to introduce you with the company Ext.Guru more thoroughly.
    Ext.Guru -is a system for monetisation of browser extensions, which has all conditions for a lasting and profitable collaboration. We are a reliable platform and offer the most profitable and convenient model of monetization.Our partner program includes the most profitable types of monetization: Sales, Context Ads, Cpa, Affiliates, Banners, White space, Target Pop and Full page. Innovative technologies developed by the team Ext.Guru allow you to integrate each type of monetization into the site and completely unobtrusively show to users.
    With the right combination of different types of monetization, our specialists developed three methods: soft, medium, maximum.

    The soft method includes the following types of monetization: sales, the percentage of which is instantly added to the balance, context ads matched to the latest actual requests, Cpa and afflincks. Soft method is designed specifically for white extensions, where advertising integrates in a user-viewed website. And it means, that outflow of users with this method is excluded. Soft method of monetization -is an excellent solution for developers, who are firstly worry about the comfort of users, while maintaining a good earning.

    The medium method includes all kinds of monetization of the soft method, as well as banners and White space. Banners are very quietly, one-on-one, integrates in the site. Advertising with White space harmoniously integrates into the empty space of the site, it is impossible to distinguish our advertising from website advertising. Advertising will not be perceived aggressively, as it is selected according to the requests and interests of users. The outflow of users with this method in the first month will be 7%, and with each month will be reduced to a minimum. Proponents of high earnings in combination with the comfort of users will appreciate the medium monetization regime.

    The maximum method is a soft and medium method with the Target Pop and Full page, which are targeted at the target audience. This method, which includes all types of monetization provides the highest earnings and is the real guarantor of maximum profit. Considering the context, the system automatically selects the sites on which advertising should be displayed. The outflow of users in the first month is 13-15%, in the second month 6-7%, in the third month 1-3%. In the following months, the extensions are monetized without outflow. The loss can be connected with the user's decision to format the computer. Highly effective advertising of the maximum method allows developers of extensions to receive extremely high earnings.

    These methods have no analogues and are designed that each partner can choose the most suitable for him mode. All advertising is presented in a soft form, which excludes any discontent or rejection. Unobtrusive, relevant and at the same time profitable monetization - that is the uniqueness of our system.
    It should be noted that we have also created all the conditions for the comfort of the developers themselves. Easy and convenient interface with detailed indicators of the number of unique users per day, showing statistics on RPU and TRC allows you to track the slightest changes. The system, with the exception of America and Scotland, accepts traffic from anywhere in the world. There is no any restrictions on GEO, which naturally expands the horizons of your income.
    In our system is provided the referral program, with which you can get 7% of earnings from each partner involved and increase the interest rate for each new partner. Our referral program is an excellent opportunity for additional earnings not only for developers, but also for those who are not connected to our system.
    Conditions of connection.
    We have created minimum criteria for cooperation. For connecting to our system, it is necessary that your extension has at least 1k users.
    Before the beginning of cooperation, a thorough analysis and coordination of all the nuances is carried out. Responsive support service will answer all the questions and help you choose the appropriate monetization mode for you. Moreover, we are ready to consider any of your preferences.
    Еxt.Guru knows which advertisement will be extremely profitable, correct and comfortable for you!
    On cooperation issues, please contact us in any convenient way for you.

    Skype: extguru
    ICQ: 654784658
    Sincerely, the team Ext.Guru!
    EXTGURU, Sep 26, 2017 IP

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    Dear friends, partners and forum visitors, we’d like to inform you that the service Ext.Guru goes to private mode of use, and it’s time to introduce you with both the name and the terms of cooperation of the updated version of our system.
    The system Private.Ext.Guru is a completely new and unique forward move in the sphere of monetization of browser extensions. Our team has improved the system, taking into account all the important details for creating the most favorable conditions for our partners. Private.Ext.Guru takes leading positions and has no analogues both by the quality of the services provided and by the volume of profit. We guarantee successful cooperation with maximum high profit. You can be sure about that very soon!

    Terms of cooperation:
    Due to global changes that have brought the system to qualitatively new level of profitability, new conditions for joining our revolutionary system were brought out. The main condition for connection is the existence of the traffic with minimum amount of users 200k. It’s essential to know, that you need to provide data, that proves the existence of the required amount of users.

    Main privileges of Private.Ext.Guru:
    1. The outflow of users on the maximum method will be less than 3% per month.
    2. Post record earnings that will be two times higher. This means, that with Private.Ext.Guru you’ll get the most profitable income among all monetization systems for the whole period of their existence.
    3. Timely and stable payments upon request every week.

    The date of the final payments:
    It should be noticed, that the financial unit, that is responsible for conducting the payments, will be on vacation from December 22. 2017 to January 13. 2018.
    According to the rules of the company, on Friday, December 22. 2017 all the payments will be made on the requests of the previous week. The next payment, which will be the final, will be conducted on January 18. 2018.
    We kindly request the payments to be ordered until January 16. 2018.
    On January 18, each partner will receive the payment not in the ordered amount, but on the current balance of the account. Thus, payments will be made in full.
    After the conduction of the payments and zeroing out the balance, the accounts of the partners will be blocked.

    The reason of updates:
    The system was thought and built for servicing billions of traffic. Due to the latest updates of Chrome browser, the system supports only the 0.1% of the planned volume. This was the main and decisive impetus to the coming changes. Changes for the better!

    It should also be highlighted, that you must disable our code of the monetization. Otherwise, the display of advertising will be carried out in the default mode without charging the profit. Due to the fact, that you have received all the necessary information, the company does not bear any responsibility for any kind of consequences.The official date of transition of the system to private mode is January 18. 2018.

    Thank you for the professionalism and long-term productive cooperation!

    Best regards, Ext.Guru team!
    EXTGURU, Dec 19, 2017 IP