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explanation about expired domain names

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by Artisan, Apr 28, 2023.

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    Best wishes for everyone.

    As far as I understand, most people
    do not know the most basic facts about
    the expired domain names. Thus,
    here is the short explanation.

    For most top level domains, when
    the domain name is not prolonged,
    then it becomes expired, and
    passes through several states.

    1. The grace period, when the registrant may
    prolongate this domain name at the usual price.

    Different places (usually registrars, or the teams of registrars)
    have different designations for the domain names in this state.

    Expired, expiring, pre-release, and so on, ...

    I publish on this forum the lists of the
    domain names from one of such places.


    This state is most interesting for the people,
    which want to catch the most delicious domain
    names, because many registrars place such domain
    names into their exclusive auctions, and, if you
    will win such domain name there, then it will
    not be released, and its date of registration
    will be preserved.

    If the previous registrant will prolongate
    such domain name, which you have won,
    then, usually, you should not pay anything.

    If the previous registrant will not prolongate
    such domain name, then you will pay the money,
    according to your bid on such exclusive auction,
    and you will obtain such domain name.

    The main difficulty (and opportunity) with such
    exclusive auctions is, that there exist on the Net
    many different places with such exclusive auctions.

    Lazy people do not explore all such places,
    but the industrious people may obtain very
    delicious domain names at the cheap prices.

    The format of the forum is not suitable
    for the lists of such domain names from
    many different places, thus I have added
    the search about such domain names to
    my special search engine about
    the incoming links.

    www.leak.info / Internet marketing research


    The people, which are industrious and persistent,
    may try to find there the delicious domain names,
    which have not been found by the lazy people.

    2. The redemption period, when the registrant may
    prolongate the domain name at the increased price.

    3. The pending delete period, when the
    domain name is scheduled for the release,
    and, usually, may not be prolongated, but,
    very rarely, is prolongated according to
    the order from the authorities.

    4. The release to the public.

    Thank you for your time.
    Artisan, Apr 28, 2023 IP
  2. Artisan

    Artisan Well-Known Member

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    The example about the domain name,
    which has not been taken at the pre-release auction,
    and is now scheduled for the release.


    I have posted the information about this domain
    name within the list from the pre-release auction.



    3438483.593600956 / cpfweb.org

    The start price for this domain name at this
    pre-release auction was USD 69 (sixty nine).

    Today, I have posted the information, that
    this domain name is scheduled for the release.




    So, did nobody want this domain name
    at the price of USD 69 (sixty nine), with
    the date of its registration preserved?

    Or did someone spoil the auction?

    Or was everyone lazy?

    Here are the stats about this domain
    name from the independent source.


    Trust Flow 19 / Citation Flow 21

    External Inbound Links Fresh 12,967

    Referring Domains Fresh 1,422

    And the list of the best pages with the
    incoming links according to my free
    search engine about the incoming links.

    www.leak.info / Internet marketing research

    from 1 to 10 of 262 total for cpfweb.org
    = 968429.738611022 = active = verified 0+ years ago
    = 397490.533283946 = active = verified 0+ years ago
    = 318791.770298356 = active = verified 0+ years ago
    = 307328.481979917 = active = verified 0+ years ago
    = 211113.420773590 = active = verified 0+ years ago
    = 124791.792184151 = active = verified 0+ years ago
    = 111026.179377003 = active = verified 2+ years ago
    = 91841.895948147 = active = verified 0+ years ago
    = 84873.984853454 = active = verified 0+ years ago
    = 73549.537008356 = active = verified 0+ years ago
    ( TOP | PRIVACY ) 2023-05-25 / 12:35:42
    Code (markup):
    Did nobody want the links from the
    site of the United Nations organization?

    This is just one example,
    from one pre-release auction,
    while there exist many places
    with the different exclusive
    pre-release auctions.
    Artisan, May 25, 2023 IP