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Selling Experienced Freelance Writer - US

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by Hijynx427, Sep 1, 2017.



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    LoL. I used to try *really* hard on DP to ooze professionalism and demonstrate my value as a writer.

    Then I realized that you cheap-o web developers in India and 3rd world locations are never going to pay a real rate. So here is my ad for my services.


    I've been writing for over two decades, professionally, in the capacity of web content, printed mediums, and academic research. I can furnish samples upon request and I am readily available for long-term and rush projects.

    My rate per word is TWENTY CENTS. Yes - .20 for every "the" I write. .20 for every "a". You know why that's worth it? Go hire an Indian writer who's a hot six-months through his first English as a Second Language (ESL) class for .005 per word, then try reading the piece you just paid for - it will be worse than you expect from Elementary School students.

    Please note that I do not, will not and CANNOT accept PayPal. Don't even try getting me to make an account, that will be the end of our negotiations on contracts. I accept payment in form of electric funds transfer (EFT) or wire. That is IT. I do this because PayPal has been unreliable and bad to me for years, and no amount of work from DP can sway me to ever support them again. To those who are serious, thanks for understanding.

    I am a professional with experience, references, and I am an active member of any team that I work with, so my rate reflects that. I *CANNOT WAIT* to see the hate I'm going to get over posting a rate "this high" here. It will be glorious to see you all talk smack and claim that this rate is "impossible".
    I EARN this rate through REAL companies that need REAL content. IF you want content that won't need revision and editing later, YES I absolutely expect you to pay me $200 for a 1,000 word piece of content. Don't have it? Guess you're not one of my clients then! BYE FELICIA.

    If, on the other hand, you DO have the money to hire a real writer, contact me. Don't expect to be my boss either - I work WITH people. Not FOR them. If you get off on calling shots and belittling those that you hire, keep your money and jam it sideways in your ugly-hole.

    If you're a sharp, no-f--ks given, cash-in-hand kinda developer who needs the best of the best, and you're prepared to take personal accountability for contributing YOUR vision of what you want from your content, you MAY be a future client. Contact me. Let's see.

    I've been down the rabbit hole here too many times to pretend like 90% of you aren't scamming, sell-your-mother-for-a-buck types. I am not advertising to the likes of you. I am looking for that diamond in the rough project manager who just stumbled onto this ridiculous forum looking for a REAL content writer. Well, here I am, in all of my gonzo glory.

    Come and get me - if you dare.
    Hijynx427, Sep 1, 2017 IP