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Expected behaviour?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Sycrid, Feb 1, 2019.

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    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to ask for some guidance, in relation to what I should be expecting from Google after doing some Seo work.

    Background: I started a website using WordPress about 3 months ago and I've probably wrote about 20 articles in this time all specific to the industry I'm blogging about and trying to focus in long tail key words.
    I managed to get webmaster tools sorted, pick a basic theme, post my articles and such. I was getting included in around 20-30 searches per day. Ranking in the 50-60 position on all. Fair to say I'd not tried optimising at this point.

    I then started reading a book about seo and decided I'd write a couple of articles with the advice given in mind. This is the only Seo I've done.

    So let's say I've optised and wrote 3 articles. My belief is that the seo would only impact these 3 posts. Q1) is thia right ?

    In the last week I've seen my inclusion in searches jump from 20-30 per day to 60-90 per day however my ranking is the same and none of the queries relate to the articles I've wrote. Q2) should I expect this?

    The queries match previous queries. Its just like im seeing a huge spike in industry interest right now and nothing more. Q3) could this be possible?

    As I still have little to no clicks come through I know I still need to do work. Q4) after writing my articles how quick can I see them in google being found in relevant searches? I ask this because I can see my new pages if I do site:websiteaddress but can't if I search for the relevant long tail key words....

    Any advice would be great. I know seo is a long term job and results shouldn't be quick but the above might help me figure some stuff out if anyone can answer.

    Sycrid, Feb 1, 2019 IP
  2. ATMD

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    Q1) Yes, the unoptimized posts will not receive the same benefit as the optimized posts, SEO needs to be done on all the 20 articles
    Q2) Definitely, it is normal to get traffic from unrelated search queries, however SEO, in theory, should minimize that. So my guess is that the increase in traffic is unrelated to the SEO work done on the 3 posts.
    Q3) Yes, it is possible, if it weren't possible, we would not be talking about it :)
    Q4) The method I use after publishing a new article on my site is to immediately go to Google Search Console and request indexing on URL. It usually takes about half an hour or less to see my new article on SERPs. It should rank for long tail keywords immediately as well, but I have to fully optimize my content for them ie H1,Title tags, image optimization and all the other on-page SEO stuff
    ATMD, Feb 5, 2019 IP