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Buying Excel to Mysql script fix

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Swapw, Aug 8, 2011.

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    Hi folks, I need some help in fixing a script that is buggy. It involves pulling and deleting data's from Mysql so knowledge of it is a must.

    In essence, what the script does is it will upload an Excel file and translate it onto Mysql and display certain fields on the proper columns from the CMS onto the site. There are a few minor tweaks that I'm looking to have it fixed. The Excel file has a lot of columns, but this script will need to screen through the columns and take out 10-15 fields of data for the CMS.

    1. Making sure the script does not interfere with pictures when duplicates were to occur on either the upload or otherwise
    2. The data uploaded from the Excel files has to have the capability to either overwrite the columns being displayed on the site or delete what was being displayed
    3. Pictures for the columns would need to be pulled from a separate folder inside the server and be displayed for specific fields

    Sorry, I understand that some of the verbage may sound vague but that's the best I can do without telling you exactly everything about the script since it's fairly simple. In short, I need someone that can build a script from the bottom up via PHP or Java. If you have a solid understanding of how to build scripts, this script should be a piece of cake as the functionality is very simple. If you have any experiences in this area, PM me samples of the script you have built and the cost. I pay after the script is completed via Paypal. Need this done asap!


    - Swapw
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2011
    Swapw, Aug 8, 2011 IP