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"Exact search term domain" with 201,000 monthly searches. Jump on it???

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by buyresaledomains.com, Mar 23, 2013.

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    I want to get some domains that just get a high volume of exact named searches. Then park it and collect. What number do you look for when looking? Thanks
    Additionally are parked pages any different to google than a page I host myself?
    buyresaledomains.com, Mar 23, 2013 IP
  2. avantemedia

    avantemedia Active Member

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    I guarantee it wont work unless the phrase is exteremely low competition! Sites need to be marketed to attract the large traffic. Exact search or not I don't think your every going to get an unmarketed website that is parked anywhere near the traffic you would like.

    Also I'm sure google knows the difference from a parked page to a genuine page, their algorithm is designed to give the best content and a parked domain brings absolutely no good content at all! You will have better luck with domains with software on, such as wordpress with an automated posting technique installed. Your blog will increase on its own and allow you to bring a wider range of contact for potential earnings
    avantemedia, Mar 23, 2013 IP
  3. uncia

    uncia Active Member

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    Agreed with the above poster.
    You will be better if buying dropping domains with traffic.
    Look through GoDaddy expired domains auction. Buy domains with high Alexa and backlinks
    uncia, Mar 25, 2013 IP