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Evergreen Product Launch - 75% Comm/ Up To $283,25 Per Sale

Discussion in 'ClickBank' started by dariuscmd, Aug 28, 2015.

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    Hi DP'ers,
    I am happy to announce the massive new product launch of another of my products on clickbank.As you noticed I have launched a good number of products that made many affiliates happy with the quality of the products I launch and the money they've got promoting my products.

    This is why I want to welcome you again to a very profitable product.

    It's in the evergreen Self Improvement/Wealth/Motivational niche.

    You can start sending traffic using your hoplink available here

    If you are in the niche and want to make up to $283,25 per sale you are in the right place.We already have a proven offer and a sales funnel in place, with high quality content that your people will love. And we're giving you nice big commissions to spread the word.

    Front End Product - 75% of $47
    Upsell 1 - 75% of $197
    Upsell 2 - 75% of $97
    Downsell - 75% of $37

    Note down the below dates:

    Pre-launch: 19 - 23rd August 2015
    Launch: 24 - 30th August 2015

    Don't forget about the cash prizes contest worth $20,000!

    To learn more about the contest and join, visit the affiliate resources page HERE and get anything you need to start promoting it, including high quality email swaps and a variety of banners.

    You can checkout the cb marketplace for our product: DAYMILLION

    Grab your hoplink now:

    ----> http:// AFFILIATE.daymillion.hop.clickbank.net ( replace AFFILIATE with your clickbank nickname )If you need anything, feel free to contact me anytime.

    We have a lot of affiliate resources like highly converting email swipes and banners ready for promotion. Click here to visit the affiliate zone and get your link.

    As soon as the prelaunch expires, I will update the thread with the link to the pitch page.In the prelaunch phase you will send traffic to a squeeze page located here.This is where the autoresponder series starts.They will receive 7 mails pitching them the actual course.The sales pitch starts from the 3rd mail.

    The pitch page consists of well written video sales letter and text version.

    As you can notice this is a high quality funnel and the product itself is even better.

    The main course consists of audios,videos and pdf's easy to download. Everything is high quality for customers to be happy and avoid refunds.This is a very highly paying product, so don't miss on this cash making opportunity.

    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to PM me and I will get back to you asap.I like being in touch with all my affiliates.

    It's easy to promote high quality products and I invite you to be the first to make a lot of money fast by promoting our next to be best-seller.What are you waiting for? Join us today and amaze yourself about how quick and easy this product can bring you a lot of money.

    Click here to visit the affiliate zone

    To Success,
    dariuscmd, Aug 28, 2015 IP
  2. AlekM

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    Interesting Product. I'll try it out and definitely send some traffic your way. Let's see how it goes.

    Much success to you!
    Alek M.
    AlekM, Jan 22, 2016 IP