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Erroneous Warning

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by PhilipSEO, Nov 18, 2013.

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    Hi guys,

    I made this post in the Google forum:

    The post is about how Google handles title tags and how it can display a title tag different from one that you cave chosen, and in this case a funny thing happened: Google replaced "Stupic" with "Stupid." This tells us something useful about how Google behaves.

    However, this has NOTHING TO DO with Search Engine Optimization.

    Yes some mod gave me a warning (2 points) for posting "in the wrong forum," and the thread was moved to Search Engine Optimization, with which it has nothing to do.

    I realize this is someone trying to be helpful and improve things. But you guys should look into who your valuable members are. I am an SEO professional, I have two degrees from Harvard and PhD. I am also a supermod in another famous SEO forum. I am not stupid, I know about these things, and in particular, how to determine the right forum for posting. I find the warning action a little annoying and alienating. Perhaps you'll reconsider and reverse it?

    You might want to move the thread back where it belongs as well.

    Dr. Philip Nikolayev
    PhilipSEO, Nov 18, 2013 IP
  2. Spoiltdiva

    Spoiltdiva Acclaimed Member

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    I realize that you are experienced at being a mod, so are the mods here. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt on this particular issue, as they have been fair with me during my time at DP. Anyway it's only 2 points and will not affect your account. Just let it go as the 2 points will expire in due course.

    For what it's worth, I can't even remember a time when I have been point free. At the moment I have 4 warnings that I'm presently working on. I only get nervous when I'm close to 10 points. We need 10 points in order to get banned, and then it's for 3 months I believe. (from date of 1st warning)
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2013
    Spoiltdiva, Nov 18, 2013 IP
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  3. RosuC

    RosuC Active Member

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    I remember a rule :) never contest what a mod is doing on a forum. I had many threads deleted, warning received but I never got banned.
    How a forum is evolving is all about the MODS behavior and how they treat the respected members that are spending their few relaxing minutes and writing something (as I'm doing each 2 hours when I relax my brain). But to warn somebody for posting the thread on the wrong place :) is a bit too much :) the mod could just move the thread and that's it :D
    RosuC, Nov 18, 2013 IP
  4. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Overlord of no one Staff

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    Your thread is talking about what Google does with a site's title tag, it's not talking about Google as a company. Search Engine Optimization is the correct place.

    Side note - it's not possible for a moderator to give you a 2 point warning for something started in the wrong area even if they wanted to (which you only received 1 point).
    digitalpoint, Nov 18, 2013 IP
  5. malcsimm

    malcsimm Well-Known Member

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    That sounds like a good general rule :)

    Save time: move on LOL
    malcsimm, Nov 19, 2013 IP
  6. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    For starters - it's only 1 point.

    Secondly the image could have been placed in the post (it now is) rather than linking to another site - we've had big problems here with image download sites and pay per view, we get a bit twitchy.

    Thirdly, I'd have moved it to general chat, there is nothing to gain from the post other than a titter about when machines try to be too clever.

    What I'd be interested to see is how over time you "teach" google that "stupic" is a word/brand/trademark and not to be messed with. That would belong in Search Engine Optimisation. I'd follow that thread.
    sarahk, Nov 20, 2013 IP
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