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Selling Email Validation + Spam Trap Detection Services

Discussion in 'Services' started by Ayoub benali01, Dec 27, 2021.



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    Lead Guardian, developed by JGRobo Marketing, Inc, is a lead validation + spam$ trap detection service designed for anyone who wants to embrace their lead collection capabilities! (Wrong email addresses or spam traps can cause an enormous amount of frustration!)

    About Lead Guardian:

    Key Points:

    • Getting email addresses right is critical, and very often they’re wrong.

    • JGRobo completely automate the process of getting e-mail addresses right
      • Integrates into existing CRM / marketing automation software.

      • One time setup generally, monthly per-lead fee for Lead Guardian
    • Automated process -- bad e-mail addresses are corrected or blocked

    The Core of Lead Guardian:

    • Checks e-mail address validity
    • Checks that e-mail address is not a spam trap

    • Auto-corrects where necessary

    Add-Ons to Lead Guardian:

    • Physical Address Validation
      • Auto-corrects address errors

      • Standardizes address to USPS specifications

      • Finds issues like missing “suite” numbers, etc.
    • Phone Verification
      • Uses real-time switch level technology to verify the phone as active, output Caller ID info, as well identifies line type.
    • Litigant Detection
      • Identifies serial TCPA plaintiffs & litigators

      • Updated in real-time from original court documents

      • Tries to catch the serial litigators/people you should NOT be calling/texting

    • Property Information
      • Comprehensive property and mortgage info for over 140 million U.S. properties
    • Demographics and Genderizing
      • Determine gender and other demographics, such as estimated net worth, presence of children/seniors in the household, marital status, etc.
    • Lead Healing
      • A proprietary system where we send an SMS out to a valid phone number (you must have permission to send SMSes though!) to ask for the correct e-mail address.
    For more information, feel free to send a PM, or claim your FREE consultation call here: https://www.jgrobomarketing.com/free-consultation/

    Regarding the cost, we follow this model:
    Base cost + per-lead-checked pricing model.
    Ayoub benali01, Dec 27, 2021 IP