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Selling Email Marketing Services

Discussion in 'Services' started by Pillai.G, Jul 16, 2013.



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    A consistent email newsletter offering to your customer’s value-added information is a great way to make the most of opt-in electronic mailing list.

    A well designed and well-executed email marketing message reminds previous and existing customers, as well as interested potential customers to visit your website and give them incentives to do so. At the heart of any successful email marketing campaign is customer retention and relationship building, and we configure every email marketing campaign with that end goal in mind. By staying forefront of your customer’s mind, you significantly increase the likelihood that when it comes time for your recipients to make a purchase or seeking for services, they will choose you over your competitors.

    Just like Website design, email marketing campaign has a set of best practices. At Exposureville Global we understand what it takes to run an effective email marketing campaign. In our experience, we have successfully executed multitudes of email marketing campaigns, and we know what causes recipients to click through and what causes them to unsubscribe.

    Exposureville Global can manage your email marketing campaign through outstanding newsletters and product promotions. A few of standards and best practices we follow when executing your email marketing campaign as follows:

    Email Message Design

    We will work with you to create email design that not only consistent with your branding, but likewise garners attention and compels recipients to act. Although images make web pages more aesthetically pleasing, in email marketing they should be used sparingly. If you entire message is contained within an image file, most recipients will see a large red X in place of your carefully-crafted message when they open your email. Incorporating text instead of images ensures that the majority of recipients can view your message immediately with little to no effort on their part.

    When deciding whether or not to open a marketing email, the “from” name carries the most weight for recipients. An effective “from “tag communicates that the email comes from trustworthy source (your company name, usually), while the “subject “line gives your recipient and incentive to open the email, in 60 characters or less.
    Successful email marketing campaigns typically consist of announcements regarding the following:

    · Sales and Clearance Item

    · Coupon Codes

    · New and Featured Products/Services

    Get on Email Marketing Campaign Schedule

    Once an email marketing service providers establishes your email list through sign-ups on your website or client emails from imported contact list, your emails should be sent on a regular (but not too frequent) schedule and provide your recipients with valuable content they will find interesting and keep them wanting more.

    Medium Testing

    People read marketing email across wide spectrum or electronic devices including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets or even simple mobile phones.

    A message that fails to take into account the various mediums through which people access an email runs the risk of hurting reputation of the sender. If prospects cannot read your company’s email efficiently, they are more likely to unsubscribe from your list or block you with a SPAM filter. It is absolutely essential that you minimize the likelihood of this happening by testing your emails across the myriad devices your prospect clients are using. When you opt to have Exposureville Global manage your email marketing campaign, we take care of this important task for you!

    Account Testing

    Just as the differences between devices can cause unwanted issues, individual email programs display messages in various ways.

    Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and proprietary email programs all have distinct standards for displaying an email message. For example, Microsoft Outlook and Gmail Block all images by default while Outlook and Yahoo displays each message in a preview pane, about 3 to 5 inches long, rather than the entire message immediately.

    An optimized email newsletter/message will ensure that the majority of your message can be read as easily as possible by every one of your recipients, no matter what email program they use.

    Measure email marketing success with reporting

    As with any marketing campaign, you want to know that the money you invest into and email marketing is experiencing a return of investment. At Exposureville Global, We understand this need to justify your marketing spend, which is why we make it effortless for you to track all of the metrics you care most about with our comprehensive reporting system. With the detailed reports provided each month, you will be able to determine who your most interested subscribers are, how many times each recipients opened each email, which links we clicked through, who bounced, who unsubscribed and much more.

    Choosing Exposureville as Your Email Marketing Campaign
    When you opt to have us manage your email marketing campaign for you, you can rest assured knowing your campaign will not only experience a consistent schedule, but that every aspect of your campaign managed just as it should be. There’s no need for you to worry when our experienced email marketing specialists are responsible for testing your emails , managing subscribers and interpreting lead generation data.

    Please PM me for pricing and other details and you can always contact me at
    Pillai.G, Jul 16, 2013 IP