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Email Manager- How to change the from <support@yourompany.com>

Discussion in 'Optigold ISP' started by afterdark, Dec 23, 2004.

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    I have been playing around with the Company Email Manager Options for Tech Support (I am now wasting time) I need to know how to edit the "MY SUPPORT" account so when I get a Tech Support Request and I compose a NEW EMAIL it says it is from my company and not from "Support Services <suport@yourcompany,com>
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    I have gone to :

    1) Company Email manager
    2) Create New Email
    3) I can create and send the email fine but when I send it out the recipient receives it from "Support Services <support@yourcompany.com> "

    Help and Thank you,

    James Byrne, After Dark Grafx, Inc.
    "We Work After Dark, So You Don't Have To!"
    Website - Graphic Design - eMarketing
    afterdark, Dec 23, 2004 IP
  2. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Overlord of no one Staff

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    Under the company email manager, it's under the Setup (upper right).
    digitalpoint, Dec 23, 2004 IP
  3. afterdark

    afterdark Peon

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    Thanks Shawn. I am an idiot! I had my screen set to 150 for the ADMIN so it wasn't showing me everything on the page I had to croll over. I guess I need some sleep.


    James Byrne, After Dark Grafx, Inc. :)
    afterdark, Dec 23, 2004 IP