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Selling Education Adsense content Website with $16k in Profit in 7 months

Discussion in 'Sites' started by Zahira Bano, Apr 20, 2019.

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    Business Description

    Scholarshipfellow (scholarshipfellow.com) is a popular source of information, tips and advice for students around the globe seeking admission to and scholarships for international universities. I also provide consultancy services for students seeking help and advice with the university admission process. The website averages 500,000 page views per month and has generated over $16,000 in profit in just 7 months through AdSense and guest post.

    Specially, $14k was done in revenue from adsense alone in last 7 months. And for safe side if we take $1k for next five months then the annual revenue becomes $19k. The expenditures are under $700 per anum which brings its profit to US$18k+ a year.

    The site requires just 2-4 hours of work on weekly basis.

    1. 54k members Facebook Group
    2. 25k Page Likes
    3. 53k subscribers of Foxpush Webnotification
    4. 600 Twitter Followers

    Traffic Stats:
    1. Traffic in 2016: (215,760 page views)
    2. Traffic in 2017: (664,818 page views)
    3. Traffic in 2018: (2.8 Million page views)
    4. Traffic in 2019 first three months: (1.5 Million Pageviews Already done - still 8 months to go - with 1 complete season of admissions) (expected pageviews of 2019: 3-4 Million)

    Top Countries with pageviews:
    Traffic Breakdown in 2018:
    USA: 170,873 Page views
    Pakistan: 641,785 Page views
    India: 381,679 Page views

    Traffic Breakdown in 2019 (3.5 Months):
    USA: 77,517 Page views
    Pakistan: 400,581 Page views
    Nigeria: 77,517 Page views

    My audience, assets followers and traffic is growing rapidly every year :)

    This is a scholarship and admissions websites which means the traffic spikes up in December to March season and then July to September Season due to the admission/scholarship opening in Universities. And in other months: April, May, June, October and November, the traffic still remains close to 250,000 pages views a month and earnings in low traffic months still are above US$1000 a month. And in high traffic months the earnings go between $2k to $3k a month. You can see this trend via my yearly traffic growth in google analytics and match it with my adsense where you will see that my earnings never went below $1k ever!

    How does your business make money?

    Scholarshipfellow is monetised through advertising. My main source of revenue is Google AdSense which was added in August 2018. AdSense has generated over $14,000 in profits in 7 months. We receive backlinks from top websites on a monthly basis as our content is shared on our Facebook page. I also charge a $150 per article publication fee for guest posts. There is an opportunity to add additional revenue streams by charging admission consultancy service fees, affiliate product sales and adding an e-commerce facility to the website by selling books, templates (i.e. cover and recommendation letters, research proposals, medical forms, language proficiency certificates, character references) and other educational resources.
    Why should someone buy this business?

    Millions of students wish to study abroad but find the application process difficult. There is an increasing demand for information and advice on university admissions and scholarships. This website contains a high volume of "evergreen" content which stays relevant over time. For date-based content on admission and scholarship openings, deadlines can simply be updated every 6 months to keep the content relevant. The website has generated over $14,000 through AdSense since August 2018, gets on average 500,000 page views per month, has 53,000 web notification subscribers, 53k Facebook Group members and 25,000 Facebook Page Likes and followers. The WordPress platform is custom built and employs AMP and Angular.js. Scholarshipfellow.come is well-known and loved by students and there are numerous ways to create additional revenue streams (see below).

    How can the future owner improve this business?

    The future owner can keep adding content to the website and may choose to introduce new educational categories. This will help to further increase the current Google AdSense revenue. The future owner can also introduce new revenue streams. They are able to charge guest post publication fees up to $150 per post, sell affiliate educational products, provide paid admission consultancy services, add an online store and approach universities to receive referral commissions. I currently receive hundreds of enquiries from students through the website seeking assistance with the admission and application process. The new owner can also make use of email marketing and social media channels (Facebook and YouTube) to drive traffic to the website.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2019
    Zahira Bano, Apr 20, 2019 IP