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Buying Ecommerce Site with integration to SagePay (Protx)

Discussion in 'Programming' started by thebaron, May 24, 2010.

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    Project Overview:
    This project is for a developer that can integrate with SagePay payment providers in the UK, although I can assist with that – it’s easy. I already have a merchant account through Cardnet (to Lloyds) and have a site that receives payments through SagePay. I will be using the same merchant account, but will have a different SagePay account.

    The site will be a new retail site to sell jewellery boxes. We have a domain name and the name servers are already all set (jewelery-box.com).

    I will choose a web template, send it to you, and you need to build a full eCommerce site using the template or imitating its style (if you prefer).

    I’ll provide sample and actual photos for the site and for the products.

    I can provide payments along the way if required for your peace of mind.

    I’ll provide ftp and control panel access to the host.

    General Guidence:
    You’ll need to show me examples of your work and already have good iTrader.
    The site needs to well coded and professional. Any common pieces of code need to be ‘included’. The code needs to be well structured, clean and easy to follow. The site will NOT require a CMS. I’ll simply add text once finished to each page (I’m a developer too). You don’t need to worry about meta tags – I’ll change those once completed too.
    The MySQL database will be populated by a spreadsheet I’ll provide that has a macro that produces create table and insert SQL from the spreadsheet that I then enter through the phpMyAdmin page. New products will be entered this way, and the photos added through ftp by myself. The products table needs to be a singular table with no relational links to other tables. The photo (image) folder structure needs to be consistent, with the product code being the folder name and images for that product inside that folder.

    Technology to use:
    PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, Nopcart

    Pages Needed:
    Home page
    Contact Us
    About Us
    Terms and Conditions
    Certificates of Authenticity
    RSS Page with RSS feed on it (not critical – I can do it)
    Other Sites (Links page)
    Credit Card Security
    Your Online Concerns
    Shipping Worldwide
    phpMyAdmin page, password protected
    ’Thankyou for your purchase’ page
    ’Sorry – the purchase wasn’t successful’ page

    The front page will be according to the web template I specify, which I’ll pay for and send you.

    The page will have sitewide menu items according to the pages above, in PHP (not JS, since the various href’s wouldn’t be picked up by search engines, so it needs to be PHP).

    The user will be able to go through to the products page, and see a list of our products. Each picture will be roughly 400 pixels in width. The product will be described, which will be a DB column. The page of products is sorted by price ascending. There will be a link or drop down to be able to sort by two other means: Price Descending, Bestselling (a numeric value in the database according to items sold). Each product on the page will have an ‘Add to Cart’ button. The top of the page will have a View Cart button.

    Clicking the picture will go through to a product page which is Mod-Rewritten from the database so that it has a pretty URL rather than a DB parameter. Therefore you need to be familiar with htaccess file functionality. On the resulting product page the user will be able to see other pictures of the product (I like barondesechecs.com for this style – see: http://www.barondesechecs.com/chess-X5008.htm, this used to be my site but the current owner has improved it). This page will also have an ‘Add to Cart’ button.

    Each page will have a section that I can display various things such as examples, badges for security, etc., and also for a slider display such as I have at chessbaron.co.uk. This section could be a sidebar, or insert, or top bar, depending on the template I choose, but it needs to be sitewide.

    The footer needs to show email contacts and telephone contact numbers. You may have one link to your site in this section.

    Carriage within the UK will be free. I’ll provide a list of countries and carriage prices for when the customer is outside the UK (to be displayed on the ‘Shipping Worldwide’ page). This needs to be easily editable and extendable.

    The select to cart buttons need to have a gift wrapping option for an optional extra amount – this needs to be able to be edited easily for price and whether to show it or not per product (see products in chessbaron.co.uk). It needs to edit the price displayed, adding to the price if selected.

    Through the checkout, the user will enter his billing and delivery address. If UK is the destination country, postcode is mandatory, but if another country is selected it’s optional. If a non UK country is selected as destination, telephone number is mandatory. For UK deliveries, either Telephone number OR Email (or both) are mandatory. Don’t check format – except for email address which needs to have no initial or trailing spaces, they can be trimmed. After a final check, the user will then be taken through to SagePay (as chessbaron.co.uk) to handle the payment.

    No signup, login or account will be necessary.

    Stages to be shown along the way, no surprises.

    Quotes please... and Estimated time (approx a month max)
    thebaron, May 24, 2010 IP
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    sent you PM, best in ecommerce, i will do it in few days.. more details while chatting...
    bm4web, May 24, 2010 IP