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eCommerce advice

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by i486dx266, Dec 26, 2018.

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    I'm new here but I need some help. I'm trying to start a company on the side of a full time job, bootstrapping with very little cash to start. It's incorporated in Norway, but not making any sales.
    We are two people doing this part time (10-15 hrs per week each). We have been trying to find a product to sell online and on amazon fba for more than a year and we can't for the life of us manage to find any products that are viable for sale.

    We have been looking through several niches and now think survivalism/prepping products may be a good niche. It appears to be a growing billion dollar market in the US alone.

    We are based in Norway and look to source from and sell in the US. (Long term, relocating to US is the plan) The Norwegian market is too small (population just under LA + San Diego) and the trends and interests are quite off compared with USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc. Also the toll and import charges are ridiculous.

    When it comes to amazon fba, we seem to be hitting one legal and tax requirement after another. So it looks like I have to shell out for a CPA in USA in addition to the one in Norway.
    We have been looking for good eCommerce courses, but all the courses that we have found online seem to be just from people who are mostly making money just from selling courses about how to sell, and not people who are actually in the top of the eCommerce selling field. (I have been reading books on eCommerce, but they all seem to be low quality? - What are the best and most current?)

    At this point we really need some professional help, but we have no idea where to look.
    i486dx266, Dec 26, 2018 IP
  2. J.C.Anderson

    J.C.Anderson Greenhorn

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    Survivalism is quite popular in US. In fact, it is much more popular there than in Europe.

    At frist, try not to focuse on e-commerce part, just think as about usual business. Create your plan and develop business models.
    You can also create your own blog and post there interesting content like FEMA news or your own reviews. Doing so, you would create your own audience, that possibly could be redirected to your site.
    For example, you can contact with bloggers, which are opinion leaders, and give them your product to make a review. Such reviews are one of the main sources of information in this sphere.

    So, just start with usual business books, read forums and think about e-commerce as an approach, not a target itself.

    And good luck with your business, keep us informed about how it is going!
    J.C.Anderson, Dec 26, 2018 IP
  3. HelgaHlg

    HelgaHlg Greenhorn

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    Marketing, I think, is the most important thing,as creating a strong brand means deciding what you stand for. The second is outreach, as it can increase your success and the last thing you should know is customer experience, as
    customer service should be at the top of your if you want to improve the customer experience
    I wish you all the best with that :)
    HelgaHlg, Mar 28, 2019 IP
  4. moshelog

    moshelog Greenhorn

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    Checkout Importify app, they work with over 40 sources, some of which are based in the US, UK, or China. You can use their Resource page on Importify's website to answer your other questions. They have free ebook, and videos that covers how to successfully launch a dropship store.
    moshelog, Mar 29, 2019 IP